Sebastian School

Tagbaya, Ibajay, Aklan, Republic of Philippines

Yellow Flower Foundation funded the Greenfield building of a daycare centre in the village of Ibajay, for a cost of £4,375. The daycare centre was needed for the 1-6 year old children in Ibajay and surroundings, with morning and afternoon classes, for a total of 150 children throughout the school year.

The village banded together to prepare project documentation including a full proposal for request of funding, an estimation of cost, and building schematics.

With dedicated and involved local leadership and a project champion in London, the village donated a small piece of land, and Yellow Flower Foundation donated the funding for the full construction, which began in March 2007 and ended in June 2007. The building was blessed by the local priest the week of 26th June which was also when the first class began

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