At our current level of funding and volunteer help in managing the foundation aims, we foresee being able to carry out 2-3 substantial projects during the calendar year. These projects arise both out of the foundation actively looking for an opportunity to make a difference, or from being approached on a partnership opportunity that we believe makes sense, is feasible, verifiable and quantifiable. Our goal is to spend the full balance of our endowment each year and get projects up and running each year that will…do good.

Here is a summary of our current project work to date, starting in March 2007 with our first project:

Sebastian School in the Philippines

Tagbaya, Ibajay, Aklan, Republic of Philippines (March - June 2007)

Yellow Flower Foundation funded the greenfield building of a daycare centre in the village of Ibajay, in the Republic of Philippines.

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Peanut Sheller in Malawi

Mchinji district, Malawi (June 2007 - March 2008)

Yellow Flower Foundation funded a high-throughput mechanised Peanut Sheller for use by smallhold peanut farmers (Fairtrade) to avoid painful and slow hand shelling.

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Microfinance project with UMAMA NGO for Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (May 2008-November 2010)

Yellow Flower Foundation funded the tireless work done by UMAMA for women victimised by wars, through a varied microfinance project.

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Chicken Project in Kenya for school with Porridge & Rice NGO

Two schools in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, were identified for support (June 2015 - ongoing 2017)

Yellow Flower Foundation provided direct funding to Porridge & Rice for their amazing work supporting the schools of Nairobi, Kenya. Two schools were identified that would benefit to launch a sustainable feeding program. Specifically the project funded the construction of Chicken pens, buying of chickens both for meat, eggs, and to sell by the school.

We will be updating this page throughout the year as we complete projects to give an update on foundation work, please check back with us.